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Lisa was born in 1984 and grew up in Eastwood where she attended Eastwood Comprehensive School. It was during her School years that Lisa discovered more about the Christian faith through visiting Church, asking questions and talking to Christian friends about how God impacted their lives. Lisa became a Christian at the age of 16. Lisa studied Theology at the University of Birmingham and got married to Michael the year she graduated. Lisa and Michael are both passionate about serving God and reaching out to vulnerable people, sharing with them a message of hope. Lisa works for the Church in Pastoral Care and Administration support and Michael serves in Leading Worship.

Lisa and Michael have 3 children Finn, Joel and Poppy who keep them very busy! Lisa and Michael have an incredible story of how God answered prayer and did a miracle after they were told by medical professionals they were extremely unlikely to have subsequent children after Finn.

Lisa, Michael and the children love spending time running around parks, having water fights in the summer, watching films and eating popcorn and cooking.